A is one hot mamma. She works as a stay at home mother and designer for Simply Adore Accessories and More. Her favorite color is purple and loves spending time with her adorable baby boy, N. She hails from a small mountain town in the southwestern United States but is just way to big time to stay there. She packed up her car and headed south but after awhile there she was too torn apart being away from her love and packed it all back up and moved again. Now, living in a small desert town, she is married to the man of her dreams and has the cutest baby boy the southwest has ever seen. Content in her life she spends her days cooking and cleaning for her men and wishing she had a cat.

M is one hot not-momma. She also works for Simply Adore Accessories & More (which without her, would be Simply Adore Accessories No More). Seriously, this girl makes the best jewelry EVAR. Massive creativity skills, yo. She currently resides about 2 hours north of me (yet somehow we’re too busy and broke to actually visit each other), but also hails from the same small mountain town. She takes care of lives with her boyfriend of like 8923753891 years, enjoying her days lounging around in her apartment snuggling with Farty Sparty.


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